Smaller local governments may not have the tools or capacity to fully incorporate heritage into their long range planning. We worked with the Province of BC to create a practical workbook for governments and residents to maximize the value and use of local heritage.

We researched best practices across British Columbia to illustrate how heritage legislation can be used to benefit economic development of downtowns. Our research included long term cost-benefit analysis of tax incentives and other tools for local governments.

The workbook supports the Heritage Strategy for B.C. by strengthening heritage conservation in communities and helping facilitate the development of the heritage tourism sector. It also supports the Province’s vision to facilitate the development of heritage conservation at the local level where decision makers have a direct connection and in‐depth knowledge of their community’s specific heritage needs.

“Local government and business leaders need practical information, compelling arguments and sound advice if historic districts are to play a vital role in the prosperity and sustainability of our communities.” - Heritage BC