As the fastest growing municipality in BC, and with two new recreation facilities built in the last 7 years, the City of Surrey is seeing a surge in participants at fitness classes, but a limited number of instructors to match the demand. The city hired us to help them better understand how they can improve recruitment and retention of their fitness instructors.

In order to provide our client with recommendations on how to move forward, we gathered input from current and past instructors, provided analysis of comparable communities, looked at industry best practices, and considered overall trends in the fitness industry in BC and elsewhere.

In our findings, we provided an extensive overview of the current situation, real and perceived challenges for Surrey’s recreation department, and offered tangible, measured solutions for the short, medium and long term.

“The work of C+S Planning Group allowed us to fully understand the current situation for recruiting and retaining the best fitness instructors for the City of Surrey. Maria provided a thorough and professional approach to the work, and gave us recommendations to help us move forward.” - Sherri Gosse, Manager, North Surrey Recreation.