Dynamic Downtowns Workbook

We created a practical workbook for the Heritage Branch of the Province of British Columbia. The workbook includes studies of successes from across the province, and a checklist of steps to take when planning a downtown revitalization project. The workbook is available for free online.

City Offloads Viaducts Traffic Dilemma To Vancouverites

C+S Planning Group is dedicated to good public consultation, as well as excellence in research and data analysis. In our article for The Tyee, we argue that sometimes research and data analysis need to come first to do top level planning.

Finding Hidden Gems in PoCo

Our work with the City of Port Coquitlam garnered media interest when we held a public consultation on wayfinding in the downtown.

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Messy Cities

Urban Design and Mental Health have an important connection which we explore in “Messy Cities”. In our research we compare city design with health measures to see if design can impact personal and community well being. LINK COMING SOON