The heritage train station had been vacant for almost 50 years when it was purchased by a developer interested in rehabilitating the building. The site was being used as a parking lot which, given the amount of work needed to restore the train station, was seen as the highest and best use of the land.

We worked with the new property owner to ensure the site could be developed into a viable property, and supported the creation of this community hub through tax incentives and heritage building relaxations.

The project revitalized a mostly empty corner of downtown Kelowna with a new pub/restaurant that serves the North End community and visitors to the Cultural District. The land around the train station is now being developed into a major residential site.

β€œIt was a pleasure working with Maria as she was always open to hearing our concerns, and was proactive in assisting with solutions. Her approach was very team oriented and solutions driven, with an appropriate sense of urgency in all matters.” - Lucia Ryan, Project Manager, Trotter Morton