Cultural Outreach 4.JPG

The first Cultural Plan for the City of Kelowna needed to ensure community and stakeholder input as how to best support local arts and artists. The city was particularly interested in ensuring that the voices of young people were included in the discussion.

We organized an evening at a local cafe that included a band, an avant garde puppet show, a stand up poet, and a panel discussion. The cafe was filled to capacity and we were able to ensure that young people’s voices were included in the plan.

The evening resulted in positive feedback from the community of young cultural creators who felt we had attained the goal of connecting with them. The overall sense was that the city was interested in the long term viability of arts and culture in Kelowna.

Some of the recommendations from that evening included the need to secure places for cultural creation such as studios in the downtown, band rehearsal spaces in industrial areas, and making connections with high schools and colleges.