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The Strategic Plan for Gibsons Library needed to ensure that the library was evolving as a place of community connections and ideas, while still offering more traditional library functions. The previous 5-year strategic plan had focused on the physical space of the library; the next 5-year strategic plan examined its place in the community.

We worked with library staff and board to set a mission, vision and values for the organization that reflected a long term strategy. We engaged in outreach with the community and conducted interviews with stakeholders to help identify how the library could better serve its community.

From background research we confirmed that the directions we identified through engagement are similar to where libraries throughout North America are going - less of a focus on hard copy materials and more online resources and connecting with community.

The final Strategic Plan offered 26 recommendations to be delivered by the board and staff over the next five years. The implementation plan is measured and practical, allowing the library to continue to grow as an integral part of the community.