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Downtown Port Coquitlam is close to major travel arterials, surrounded by popular parks and close to a major transit hub. But it is still hard to locate and difficult to navigate. And like most historic downtowns it is experiencing a drop in retail sales due to online shopping.

The downtown itself is bisected by a railway line with a pedestrian and vehicle underpass that is narrow and unattractive - one of the first challenges to wayfinding in the downtown. There is also a lack of cohesion as one moves through the downtown on foot, and no clear orientation to parks and trails by foot or car.

Our goal was to create a branded wayfinding strategy to connect all the neighbouring elements to each other, enhance public space, and blend the historic elements of the downtown with a more contemporary feel. We designed lenticular art for the underpass, providing a different graphic image for each direction of travel, as well as clear, vibrant signage for the pedestrian walkway.

Wayfinding to and from the major features surrounding the downtown connects all the elements to each other. We also updated the historic feel of the downtown with the new city colours, and offered power box ‘wraps’ (image) that replicate the downtown brick work with bright, engaging images.